Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier puppies for sale

The Boston Terrier puppies for sale are an American dog who had its beginnings in the 18th century. The little animals are petite and compact with a square face and a wrinkle free muzzle. The dogs puppies for sale stand from 15 to 17 inches tall and weigh between 10 and 25 pounds. The color of the Boston Terrier is described as being a seal color with combinations of white, black, or brindle. A majority of the white coloring will be in the area of the chest. The coat is shiny and smooth and does not shed much. Brushing is needed only about one time per week just to remove the dead hair from the animal. The little dogs puppies for sale are very friendly and really like to please their masters or family. They have a pleasant and calm behavior. The dog is sometimes very stubborn and would benefit from good obedience training. History shows that the little dogs were bred for protection in the early times, but that is pretty well bred out of them, today. The dogs puppies for sale are more of a companion dog and less like a guard dog. He will alert quickly when something disturbs him. Over the years the dogs have mellowed down and are now well mannered and attentive to their owners and family. The dogs puppies for sale enjoy being around people and if properly trained they get along with even small children. It is a good idea to make sure that the small children learn to respect the little Terrier. Companionship is important to the little dog. They do not like to be left along. Some of these dogs like to be held while others like their own space and do not respond to being hugged or overly petted. These dogs puppies for sale are not built big and are not much into outdoor type of activities and sports. Every now and again, the little animals can get very hyper and demand a considerable amount of attention. Many health issues bother the Boston terrier. Roaching, a curvature of the back, is a structural fault that can come back to haunt the little dog. Other diseases such as cherry eye, allergies, deafness and heart murmur also are faced by them. This is a house dog which does not like any extremes of weather, hot or cold. They also have a very sensitive stomach and can be prone to digestive problems in the absence of a nutritious diet. Because of the tapered trachea, they do snore and sometime suffer from reverse sneezing. The dogs tend to live to about to about fifteen years and in their later years, they get a little fat. Often, it is easier to establish the Alpha position over large and aggressive animals and much more difficult to do the same with little cute and cuddly dogs. Do not fall into that trap. Cute and cuddly needs the Alpha relationship as much as the big and powerful. Establish yourself as an Alpha leader early in the dogs puppies for sale life and hold that position with firm, consistent rules and you will have a loyal and attentive friend.



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