Canadian Eskimo Dog

Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale

The Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale will be even more beautiful in statue as they age. These dogs are quite handsome and intelligent. They are commonly mistaken for Huskies. The Huskies are the recreational mountaineer, these are the mountain dwellers. The sharpness in look and intellect may cause you think of them as a refined breed. They are refined but not so much of man’s intervention, but of their history The Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale have been around since the late twelfth and early thirteenth century. They were Qimmia by the Inuit people of Canada. These dogs were a vital part of the community. They were well suited for the Arctic region in which the Inuit lived. The Canadian Eskimo dog was transportation, it helped provide food, it was a tool for moving objects, and guardian for the tribe. The Canadian Eskimo puppies for sale have a rich history and a proud one. The Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale not only has a history but it also played a role in the history of others. The Canadian Eskimo dog is the unsung hero of exploration. It has been portrayed in popular culture that the Husky exclusively used in the Pole expeditions. Truth be known the Canadian Eskimo dog became one the dogs of choice in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. As technology and convenience became accessible in even the harshness of regions the numbers of Canadian Eskimo Dogs declined. There was no real need for them anymore. Their survival wasn’t that important. In the 1960’s the Canadian Eskimo Dogs numbers were down to the point of intervention. Through the efforts of the Canadian Eskimos Dog Research Foundation which is made up of dedicated researchers, breeders and the Canadian government the numbers are starting to come back but they are still rare. The Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale are still unrefined in the since of breeding. The efforts of the CEDRF remained true to the breed. The Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale are the same dogs the Inuit loved and revered. They have the same look and same temperament. They are between twenty-two and twenty-seven inches in height. Their weight may range anywhere from sixty to a hundred and five pounds. Their coats are a weather resistant double coat. Both coats are dense. The top is long and coarse. They are easy groomers. They need brushing only once a week. They may come in any color, black, red, white and gray being the most common. The Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale are very affectionate to their owners. The breed is always an affectionate, fiercely loyal, devoted and obedient to its master. If the master has instilled in the Canadian Eskimo Dog that they are the pack leader. The un-refinement of the breed is very evident in its strong pack drive. The Canadian Eskimo Dog is not the dog for a first time dog owner, or meek owner. The dog at an early age will test your “alfa” authority. There is no room for an inconsistent trainer, or unsure authority. This is a real commitment of effort and time that will pay off when all is said and done. The Canadian Eskimo puppies for sale are unrefined in some ways, but unmistakably the best companion a mountaineer could have. These dogs aren’t for everyone. You need to be the few that can provide the attention, room and exercise. The Canadian Eskimo Dog can’t be beat.



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