Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog puppies for sale

The Caucasian Shepherd puppies for sale are probably the cutest puppies you will ever see. The Caucasian Shepherd as an adult is widely sought after. This in no way means these are the dogs for everyone. They are flock guardians and they, are guardians. The Caucasian Shepherd originated in the Caucasus region. These puppies for sale was born from endemic dogs dating back to prehistoric times. The breed has been guarding people, property, and flocks for at least six hundred years. The Caucasian Shepherd had no formal breed standard. Its impressive presence and work ethic were appreciated by a number of enthusiasts. In the absence of a breed standard the Caucasian Shepherd varied from place to place. The Berlin Wall played an integral, if not definitive, role in bringing about a breed standard. In the 1960’s East Germany brought about the Caucasian Shepherd to guard the wall. 1989 saw the fall of the wall. Seven thousand Caucasian Shepherds were now out of a job and were dispersed. This was the first mass of uniform Caucasian Shepherd and it became the standard for the breed. The Caucasian Shepherd puppies for sale standard was set only a short time ago, but its desired traits have been standard since day one. The dog was built for the outdoor life and cold weather. The Caucasian Shepherd has quite the enviable coat. It is completely insulated. Thick, dense and feathered this coat envelopes the whole dog. The ears all the way to its toes, the dogs are covered. The Caucasian Shepherd coat can be found in fawn, gray, brindle and white. The dogs puppies for sale are well built and suited for guarding. It usually weighs between ninety-nine and one hundred fifty-four pounds. It stands as tall as twenty-eight inches. It is a solid breed. The Caucasian Shepherd puppies for sale are built to be guardians. The Caucasian Shepherd puppies for sale aren’t just physically built for guardians, but also in character. These dogs are no nonsense, black and white, very little gray area. The phrase “friend or foe” is the only question asked in the mind of this guardian. The Caucasian Shepherd is not for the first time or timid, passive dog owner. The strong hardy breed will need a firm, consistent, committed, “alpha”, trainer. You, as the owner must be the trainer and the commitment must be shared by your family. The Caucasian Shepherd must have this early training and socialization to attain a manageable dog. The Caucasian Shepherd puppies for sale will protect everything that he feels is his; its owner, the family, family pets; close family friends that it sees frequently. The Caucasian is very friendly with those it knows. Affectionate and loving to those it feels is theirs but strangers beware. The breed should always be monitored when children are playing. Its watchful eye may interpret rough play as a threat to “its child” and go into protection mode. The breed is incredibly gentle with its own. Even the smallest house pet faces no threat because it is the dog’s pet too. This affection and gentleness can only be achieved by an attentive and committed owner. The Caucasian Puppies for sale will need a truly committed household. The commitment will only pay off in the form of a loving, affectionate, and remarkable gentle family member. This same family member will leave no doubt that you are protected.



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