Chien Francais Blanc et Noir

Chien Francais Blanc et Noir puppies for sale

The Chien Francais Blanc Et Noir puppies for sale are also known as the French White and Black Hound. The Chien Francais was bred and developed to hunt large game. There are three lines which are recognized as different breeds of Chien Francasis (French Hounds) which are basically the same with only the difference of color; the Chien Francasis Blanc Et Orange (French Orange and White Hound); the Chien Francais Tricolore (French Tricolor Hound); and the Chien Francais Blanc et Noir (French White and Black Hound). All hounds are between 25-28 inches in height and weigh approximately 66 pounds, with a smooth, short coat. There are more of the Chien Francais dogs puppies for sale in France than any other breed. The three different breeds are the result of selective breeding by different people at different times. As a hunter the opinion is they are second to none and their gentle temperament makes them an excellent companion and family dog. Training of the Chien Francais dogs puppies for sale can be a challenge because of their highly sensitive nose. Anytime a scent is discovered the dog’s instinct takes over and their focus and attention is only on the track. Teaching the dog to focus on you at all times from a from young age is the best way to handle a scent hound and even then be prepared to enforce the training anytime a scent distraction becomes competition with you. The temperament of the dog is one of loving, loyalty, who has a personality of an easy going uncle. More interested in interaction that confrontation the Chein Francias is not aggressive with other dogs. Children are safe and the dogs puppies for sale will love and protect them. Small animals interaction must be monitored as the dogs are hunters and their instinct is to chase. When exposed to new situations, an introduction is best to maintain the confidence level. The Chein Francias puppies for sale will not respond to training as a Border Collie would but if you can eliminate distractions (scents, children, other animals) you will find a willing and able student. These dogs puppies for sale like all hounds in general seem to have an ability to get themselves into situations that are comical and can be very entertaining. A sense of humor and a lot of patience can bring you a lot of laughs during your play time with your dog. Exercise is a definite need for the dog and long walks in the woods or on a leash will give you a calmer more focused dog. The Chein Francias can be a loving, loyal, trustworthy companion. Children enjoy the dog as a playmate almost as much as the dog enjoys the children. Your new dog puppies for sale will offer great companionship both indoors and out.



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