The Chinook puppies for sale are not a common breed. You probably haven’t seen the breed before and probably won’t see them that often, if ever again. Their history is just as, if not more, than the breed itself. The very essence of the dog is one of rarity. The Chinook is a legend in the sledding world. Its history has probably grown bigger than it’s actually accomplishments. The breed has achieved various accolades and firsts in the sledding world, but the one thing that is truly unique of this dog especially being a modern dog, is that the breed primary progenitor is a single dog. The Chinook is named after the famed lead dog of Arthur Walden; Arthur Walden was a legendary sled driver. Chinook was a dog who was sired by a St. Bernard and Mastiff mix, and whose dam was a Greenland Husky. Walden bred Chinook with a variety of working dogs, namely the Canadian Eskimo Dog, the Belgian and German Shepherds. The offspring of which were selectively bred back to Chinook. Color, temperament, topped the list of Chinook’s traits that were selected. The offspring of these dogs were bred using the same selective process to each other producing the breed of Chinook puppies for sale. The New Hampshire native Chinook breed proved to be a wonderful dog, but by the 1980s the breed had only twelve breedable dogs in existence. The UKC recognized the breed in 1991 and in alliance with the COA, put together a program to preserve the breed. The breed is still considered rare but owning one of the Chinook puppies for sale will show you other rarities the breed claims. The Chinook puppies for sale are born to be great sled dogs. They are obedient and work well as team. The intelligence of the dog makes it easy to train. Their willing nature allows them to take on any task with no resistance. They are hard workers and love to work. The Chinook puppies for sale are descendants of one of the most famous and highly regarded lead dogs in history. There is no wonder that this linage produced such a sled built breed. Chinook was also known for his gentle nature. It has been said that the Chinook breed is known for being a companion dog that loves to work. The Chinook puppies for sale have a temperament that makes a wonderful companion dog. They are a calm dog. Not easily excited, and carrying itself in a dignified manner. They are a non aggressive breed; they may be shy around strangers if not properly socialized. Early training and socialization will only enhance the dogs appeal to strangers. They are naturally friendly and affectionate. They are extremely tolerant of children and enjoy their company. These dogs are great for the whole family, human and pet alike. They are not a huge dog or in the greater scheme of things, a big dog. They are very strong and capable dogs. They have a muscular compact build. They usually stand between twenty-one and twenty-seven inches, and on average weigh no more than seventy pounds. They are double coated. Their top coat is a medium length coat. They are patterned after Chinook himself in color. They are usually a light honey to reddish gold in color, with black marking around the ears, muzzles and inside corners of their eyes. The Chinook puppies for sale are smart looking dogs. The dogs are anywhere dogs. They can prosper in any home with proper mental and physical exercise. They have some health issues, but in general very healthy dogs. These dogs are just a do it all breed. The Chinook puppies for sale will be willing participants of any task, but will excel as your family companion.


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