Combai puppies for sale

The Combai dogs puppies for sale is sometimes called an Indian Beardog or Indian Bear Hound or the Kombai. A dog bred as a pure bear hound, to hunt bears, the Combai has been used for many things. They have hunted boar, bison and deer. As of late, they Combai puppies for sale are used as guard dogs and family pets. Once they were used to guard herd of cattle from tigers and lepords. The Combai has a reputation of having a savage temper and be willing to fight to the death for its family when necessary. The dog is usually red or brown with a black mask with a dark line along the back. The Combai is slightly shorter than the Rajapalayam, but has a much more powerful build. The puppies for sale have a line of hair down the center of their back which grows in the opposite direction forming a “ridge”. Combai have very powerful jaws and often a black mouth. You will find their coats are easily maintained as since they have evolved naturally for many centuries they are not prone to parasite infections or other skin problems. In fact, the Combai is immune to most diseases. The Combai has neared extinction as India has only recently began breeding program to protect their native dogs. Originally used in South India, history states these dogs were used as early as the 9th century BC, when Marawa Kings ruled. In some ways the Combai puppies for sale has gotten a bad reputation regarding his “savage” temperament. In reality their temperament is very similar to the Bull Terrier and choosing one as a family pet is as sensible as choosing a German Shepherd. The Combai is an intelligent and alert, good family dog who loves to play with children and enjoy human companionship. The Combai puppies for sale strives to please its master and will begin to respond to their masters mood and commands from early in its life. It is difficult to find pure bred Combai puppies for sale as their importance in India was greatly diminished. Since the recent breeding program they are beginning to be recognized as a national treasure. They are an ancient breed of dog and though once existing in large numbers they now reside and are restricted to some special kennels and certain parts of Tamil Nadu. The Combai is a rare and prized breed; a treasure to own, but unfortunately not available readily.


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