East Siberian Laika

East Siberian Laika puppies for sale

When looking for East Siberian Laika dog puppies for sale, this breed may be referred to as the ESL, Vostotchno-Sibirskaia Laika, or Ostsibirischer Laika. This breed is considered rare in the United States. The East Siberian Laika puppies for sale are the largest of the four hunting Laika breeds of Russia. The East Siberian Laika originated in Siberia east of the Yenisei River in Russia. This breed was primarily used for hunting both large and small game. The puppies for sale were also used as draft or drover dog, watch dog, herding dog, sled dog, and companion dog. The first standard for the East Siberian Laika was established in 1949 by a wildlife biologist by the name of K. G. Abramov. This breed started to disappear in the 1970s. At that time, the kennels in Irkutsk and Lenningrad undertook the breeding program for the East Siberian Laika. In the 1980’s, a large scale breeding program was established to revive this breed. The East Siberian Laika is recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) in 1996, they are also recognized by the Continental Kennel Club (UKC). The East Siberian Laika puppies for sale will be a large, strong, and muscular breed with a wolfish appearance. This breed averages 21 to 25 inches in height and averages between 40 and 50 pounds. The life expectancy of this breed is 10 to 12 years.The coat of the East Siberian Laika has a soft, dense undercoat and a coarse, dense, straight outer coat and generally low maintenance. The coat is heavier around the neck, shoulders, and mane – this is predominant with males of the breed. These puppies for sale should be brushed a couple times a week to remove loose hair. Frequent bathing is not recommended because it will remove the natural oils from their waterproof coat. The tail is covered with thick fur and curls over the back. The coat color of the East Siberian Laika is salt and pepper, white, grey, black, red, and brown. The coat may include patches or ticking of a corresponding color. When you see East Siberian Laika dog puppies for sale and make the decision to make an East Siberian Laika a member of your family, you will find this breed to be calm, even-tempered, fearless, and loyal companion. The East Siberian Laika does well living in an urban setting as long as they receive a great deal of daily exercise. The East Siberian Laika has a good temperament and is generally a calm breed; they get along well with children particularly if they are raised with them. It is not recommended this breed be left unsupervised with smaller household pets due to their natural hunting instinct. The East Siberian Laika are territorial and prone to be aggressive to other dogs of the same sex; therefore, it is recommended this breed be trained and socialized at a young age. The East Siberian Laika is not normally aggressive toward people but make good watchdogs. Establishing yourself as the Alpha leader will insure a good relationship. The East Siberian Laika puppies for sale will be a great companion.



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