Hanover Hound

Hanover Hound puppies for sale

When looking for Hanover Hound dog puppies for sale, this breed may be referred to as the Hanover Scent Hound and the Hannover’scher Schweisshund. This breed is considered a rare breed. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale are scent hounds that originated in city of Hanover in Germany. This breed is descended from bloodhounds of medieval times. This breed continues to be a very popular scentound used by hunters, game wardens, and foresters to find wounded animals. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale will grow to a medium-sized dog with a large head, wrinkled forehead, broad skull, strong muzzle, and a broad nose with large nostrils. The eyes are dark and have a serious expression. The ears have a blunt rounded tip, set high, and hang close to the head. The Hanover Hound averages between 19 and 22 inches in height and weighs between 66 and 77 pounds. The life expectancy for this breed is approximately 14 years. This is a hardy breed with no known health problems. The coat of the Hanover Hound is short, dense, and harsh. This breed’s coat requires very little grooming, just an occasional brushing to remove loose hair. The ears should be kept clean and checked regularly for signs of infection. The coat color of the Hanover Hound puppies for sale range from a light fawn color to a dark reddish-fawn color. This breed may or may not have a mask or white on the chest. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale are an active breed with remarkable tracking ability when working either alone or in pairs. This breed has the ability to follow a trail that extends or miles or has gone cold. When tracking this breed is not fast but is well known for being very determined and persistent; this breed is considered the perfect scenthound by many hunters. When you see Hanover Hound dog puppies for sale and make the decision to make a Hanover Hound a member of your family, you will find this breed to be loyal, affectionate, calm, obedient, and even-tempered. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale are very affectionate and forms a strong bond with their family. This breed is meant for work and though they make a good family dog, most are owned by hunters. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale get along well with children especially if they are raised with them. This breed tends to be very tolerating of other dogs in the home but due to their strong hunting instincts it is recommended they be supervised with smaller house pets. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale are a very active breed that requires a great deal of open space and daily exercise, this breed is not recommended for apartment living. This breed does best with room to roam. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale are an independent breed and training can be a challenging. Firm and consistent training and socialization starting at a young age is recommended. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale tend to be either aloof or aggressive with strangers making them a good watchdog. The Hanover Hound puppies for sale will bond with your family, especially enjoying the outdoor activities you share.



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