St. Bernard

St. Bernard


If you’re into big dogs, then you might want to consider getting one of the biggest and most popular dogs out there today. And that’s the St. Bernard!



St. Bernards were bred for one specific purpose, to be a rescue dog.

If you’ve ever seen a rescue movie involving snow or an avalanche, you can expect to see a very large dog heading out to help the victims. That’s a St. Bernard. He’s a giant rescuer who can go where other rescuers can’t and there are many stories to prove their efficiency at helping people.



Big. There’s no other word that best describes this breed.

Massive, enormous, thick, those are other words you can use to describe this oversized puppy.

There is nothing small about these dogs.  



If you’re seriously thinking about getting a St. Bernard, you’ll have to invest in a good rain jacket and a face mask because these dogs drool a lot and will drown you with their slobbery kisses.

For what it’s worth, these dogs are also very highly sociable and love to be around people. It’s a good thing that they’re extremely sweet tempered and good natured because if they weren’t, you’d have an extremely large and scary dog.

St. Bernards also suffer from a common disease among large dogs which leads them to think that they are lap dogs so prepare to have a giant heap of dog on your lap when you’re on the couch.

St. Bernard puppies love to play. That’s well and good for any regular dog but when you have a puppy that’s about this size, you better make sure you’re insured! Good thing they calm down when they’re all fully grown up.

And when it’s time to go to sleep, make sure you have your headphones on because they snore loud enough to wake the entire neighbourhood.


Health and Care

The large frame and lumbering stride St. Bernards possess make them appear lazy to most people’s eyes. That may be rightly so because they do love to lounge around. Still, that’s no excuse to take your dog out for a walk around the block just to make sure they shed off that excess fat. 

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When looking for St. Bernard dog puppies for sale, this breed may be referred to as the Alpine Mastiff or the Bernhardiner. The St. Bernard originated in the country of Switzerland. The St. Bernard was bred as a companion to the Swiss Monks, working dogs, and used for search and rescue to locate lost and freezing travelers during snowstorms in the Alpines. This breed is often depicted wearing a barrel of brandy around their neck; however, the search and rescue dogs did not actually wear these barrels around their neck. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1885 and classified in the Working Group. The St. Bernard dogs puppies for sale are very powerful and muscular and has a keen sense of smell. This breed averages around 30 inches in height and weighs between 120 to 180 pounds. The average lifespan for this breed is 8 to 10 years. Health problems associated with the St. Bernard include: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, bloat, dilated cardiomyopathy (heart condition that occurs when heart muscle becomes thin and is not able to contract normally), cataracts, entropion (eyelid rolling inward and irritating the eyeball), and allergies. The St. Bernard has two types of coats smooth coated or rough coated. Both types of coats lay flat and very dense. The coat colors of the breed can be white with reddish-brown markings or reddish brown with white markings. Either coat color may carry black markings on the face or around the ears. This breed is a heavy shedder and blows their coat twice year. When you see St. Bernard dogs puppies for sale and make the decision to make a St. Bernard a member of your family, you will find this breed to be a wonderful and loyal family companion. This breed is very friendly, caring, loyal, and obedient. The St. Bernard is very gentle and patient with children and likes to snuggle with them. Simply due to the large size of the St. Bernard this breed is not recommended for apartment living simply because they need space to move and stretch out. However, these dogs puppies for sale gets along well with even a small amount of room as long as they receive a moderate amount of exercise daily. This breed is very calm indoors. It is recommended that training and socialization of this breed begin at an early age due to their large size. When you bring a St. Bernard dogs puppies for sale into your home be aware this breed sheds, drools, and tends to track mud and dirt indoors. This breed does much better in cold weather than in hot weather. This breed can easily develop heat exhaustion. The St. Bernard is not an aggressive breed but sensing danger to their family will definitely bring out their protective instincts. The St. Bernard is a very intelligent and versatile breed that excels in obedience trials, show ring, weight pulling competitions, and drafting (pulling a cart or wagon). When you are looking for St. Bernard dog puppies for sale you are looking for a friend and companion, and if you chose this dog you will have found one of the best.


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