Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier



Feisty little hunters, this is what best describes Jack Russell Terriers. These dogs are highly motivated and very intelligent dogs and they make really good pets for families with young children.



The Jack Russell was initially bred for fox hunting which explains why they have a high prey drive. Over time they have been employed in several positions in the military and police force to sniff out bombs, drugs, hunt criminals and other noteworthy tasks.



Jack Russells are small dogs but the amount of courage they possess is more than their small bodies can hope to contain. They are predominantly white in color with brown splotches on their body and a few black spots.

Jack Russells possess very intelligent eyes which gives away the fact that they’re always thinking of something mischievous to do. 



There’s no denying that Jack Russell Terriers are highly intelligent. Now, if you add their high level of energy and their athleticism, then you have a dog that’s a veritable whirlwind wherever it goes.

These little dogs also don’t seem to have a basic understanding of size. They are courageous to the point of recklessness and are highly protective of their family.

You might also want to keep a close watch on your Jack Russell Terrier if they’re ever out in your yard because these little dogs love to dig!

Give this dog lots of things to do and you’ll have a very happy Jack Russell terrier who’s contented and won’t give you any unnecessary trouble.


Health and Care

Jack Russell Terriers are high energy dogs and therefore need a lot of exercise to curb their destructive tendencies when they get bored.

One of the best things about Jack Russell Terriers is that they are truly healthy dogs with few to no health disorders. Strict breeding practices have helped curb hereditary diseases in this dogs which is good news for owners all over the world.

And one last thing, don’t put too much food in their dishes because they are going to finish every last bit of morsel in it even if they’re already full. You don’t want to have an obese Jack Russell terrier in your house. 

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The Jack Russell puppies for sale will make you laugh, scratch your head, and come to the delightful conclusion, That dog is crazy. The Jack Russell Terriers are not the couch potato portrayed on the television series Frazier. These dogs were meant to be in the field and full of energy. The Jack Russell or Parson Russell puppies for sale got their name from Rev. John Russell of Sothern England in the mid nineteenth century. The Rev. John Russell was a respected Red Fox hunter and was instrumental in the refinement of this breed. The Jack Russell is the descendant of the White Terrier which is now extinct. The Jack Russell puppies for sale were bred for speed and endurance in order to keep up with the fox hounds during the chase. The Jack Russels small, but hardy frame allowed it to get into the dens and flush the fox out. The breed is now more of a companion breed, than a hunter. This is simply because of the lessening interest in the sport of the Fox Hunt. The Jack Russell puppies for sale are still the same energetic and curious dog it has always been. You cant help but to be amazed by the energy of the Jack Russell puppies for sale. The breed seems to be flat out from beginning to end, even overwhelmingly so. You might find yourself shaking your head and wondering when it will take a break. The Jack Russell puppies for sale will have you smiling at their antics. Its devotion will bring a smile and loving fulfillment to your daily life. The Jack Russell is spirited and will need training and socialization at an early age. They will need a strong pack leader for a master. The Jack Russell puppies for sale are an independent and intelligent dog that likes things to be their way. They can become domineering without distinct boundaries being set, and in the absence of a pack leader. Given the dogs cognitive skills and high energy they are not a breed to be left to their own device. A Jack Russell puppies for sale that are afforded an attentive and consistent pack leader for an owner, will be a wonderful addition to any family The Jack Russell puppies for sale are cute and handsome dogs. Their body is strong balanced one. The breed has a strong but narrow chest that is somewhat flexible, allowing it to enter the tightest dens. The Jack Russell puppies for sale should stand no more than sixteen inches tall, and weigh around fourteen to eighteen pounds. Their coats are short and come in both smooth and rough. The colors are white, black, tan, and combinations of white with either black or tan markings or combination of all three. The V ears are another distinctive trait of the Jack Russell. The adaptability of the Jack Russell puppies for sale make it an anywhere dog. It will do just fine in any dwelling as long as it gets at least an hour of romping a day. It is a fairly healthy breed with minor concerns which should be no big deal with the guidance of your vet. Grooming: Whats that As far as the short coat is concerned, it is no problem. They are prone to sunburn so keep the sunscreen nearby. Just add training and socialization, and these little supercharged puppies for sale will be your pride and joy. The Jack Russell puppies for sale will be cherished by the entire family. They will also provide hours of entertainment and conversation among family and friends. Enjoy the Jack Russell.


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