Korean Jindo Dog

Korean Jindo Dog puppies for sale

The Korean Jindo Dog puppies for sale are a hunting dog from Jindo Island, Korea. It is a medium-sized spitz-type of dog puppies for sale which is divided into two distinct body types, Tonggol and Hudu. The Tonggol is very strong and shorter in body with a larger chest cavity. The Hudu is more slender with somewhat less chest area. The males are always the larger of the sexes with a larger head. The females have a more fox-like feature about them. The current two types are being bred into a third type which is called the Tonggol. The puppies for sale reach full size when about five months old, but it takes two years for them to mature physically and emotionally. Height for the male dogs will be between 19-21 inches with the female coming in at 18-20 inches. In good condition the males will weigh about 35-45 pounds and the females from 30-40 pounds. There are two types of tails on these puppies for sale. One is the ring tail which is rolled on the back of the dog and the other is the erect tail which stands upright. The eyes are nut-shaped and either yellow or reddish. The ears are floppy when the puppies for sale are young but will become erect when about five or six months old. The coat of the Jindo puppies for sale is of medium length with coarse hair and a thick undercoat. The puppies for sale shed twice per year. The most popular colors for the coat are red and tan. The UKC recognizes more colors white, fawn, gray, black and tan, and brindle. The Jindo puppies for sale are well known for the unwavering loyalty to its master. Older Jindos who have been adopted out of the various shelters have demonstrated the same loyalty for their owners as did the dog for his first owner. The puppies for sale tend to become very loyal friends to their new owners. The Jindo are very active and are not meant to be an indoor-only dog. They need space to roam and run and do require a considerable amount of care and attention. The puppies for sale also have the reputation of being escape artists and very high jumpers. Any fencing in the yard of this dog must be at the very least six feet high. The Jindo is active and intelligent and as such it demands frequent interaction with people or another dog in the family. If the dog is left to his own devices, he will find his own entertainment and that might not meet with the owner’s approval. Jindos are climbers and diggers. They are very good at tearing up a house if left alone for too long. A poorly trained Jindo puppies for sale will roam around the neighborhood and get into trouble by attacking other pets and even threatening people. This fact has caused many good Jindo dogs to end up in animal shelters. The Alpha relationship must be established early and done with care and affection. Jindos need to be socialized at a very early age. Jindo puppies for sale will test the boundaries that are established for them. Jindos are good watchdogs and are much aware of their owner’s reaction to others and will act accordingly. Considerable effort is required to raise a Jindo.



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