Majestic Tree Hound

Majestic Tree Hound puppies for sale

The heritage of the Tree Hound puppies for sale is exceptional and dates back to at the very least, 1066 when William the Conqueror brought what was then called the St. Huberts and Talbots to England. These animals were used to trail deer and later fox. The Majestic Tree Hound is descended from this viable stock and was brought to the American Colonies. Over a considerable period of time, puppies for sale breeding and culling led to the development of the Tree Hound. The Majestics puppies for sale were not registered as a separate breed until 1980 and are thusly a new breed. The Hound is a super powerful dog which is very large. The females range from 24.5 inches to 30 inches in height and weighs from 75-100 pounds. The adult males will generally range from 26 inches to 30 inches and tip the scales at 80-110 pounds. When looking at these puppies for sale one would call his expression dignified, noble, solemn, wise, and powerful. As one can see that type of description will cover much territory in the world of puppies for sale, but that is exactly what one has in the Majestic Tree Hound. The name says it all. Color combinations for this animal are many and varied. There is no one set color for the breed. The puppies for sale have a super affectionate temperament and are not quarrelsome with their companions or other dogs. They are really laid back pooches. The dogs are super sensitive to kindness and any correction that the master puts on them. They do not hold grudges and are always open to positive reinforcement of all kinds. The faces of the Hound puppies for sale are somewhat beagle-like with an excess of skin and facial wrinkles. The dogs do well in rugged terrain and have great endurance. The Majestic is a superior coon hunter with the speed and cunning to tree coon very quickly. An exquisite nose for smell makes this dog such a fine animal. The Hound puppies for sale have excellent cold trail abilities and will hang onto a scent until he acquires another. The dog does not like to give up and go home. The Majestic puppies for sale have an outgoing and friendly nature and is really a very happy dog. They like dependable relationships with their owners and family. When they need some type of reinforcement, they will approach the owner or family to obtain it. One thing about the Majestic is their stubbornness, grounded in confidence and independence. When they think that they are right, they are. These puppies for sale are great family pets because of their loyal, affectionate, manner and loving nature. To make this dog happy one must have him in the outside forests and on trail. As such, they will not make good apartment dogs and do not like to be confined for any great length of time. Playing is very important to this animal. The Majestics can get bored and become chewers, if so allowed. Exercise and a large playground are important to this great animal. One can expect the Majestic to live around fifteen years or so. Great companions, great family dogs, these puppies for sale are also great hunters and outdoorsmen.


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