Murray River Curly Coated Retriever

Murray River Curly Coated Retriever puppies for sale

The Murray River Curly Coated Retriever puppies for sale are real live Australian dogs and are endemic to South East Australia. From the history of the area, it appears that this animal was developed as a duck dog in the 19th century and takes its name from the Murray River. It appears to have been a popular retriever but as the popularity of duck shooting went south the need for this type of puppies for sale was not as great as it once was. The dog can still be found all over Australia. The Murray Curly is generally a smaller retriever and will weigh out at less than 50 pounds. These puppies for sale are always liver in color with some white markings on the chest. There are many devoted Murray owners who believe that the Murray is the most loyal companion dog they have ever owned. Not a protection dog, the Murray will stand up for its owner. The brown or liver curly coat helps the dog blend in with the environment and the curls aid in making the dog waterproof, to a certain extent. There is not a second undercoat so they would feel the cold and wet if left wet and inactive. The dog will shed in the summer in order to become a “cooler” character. The eyes of the Murray puppies for sale are always a yellow color and the curly coat will have a small white patch on the chest. The breed has webbed feet as do a majority of the water dogs puppies for sale. The dogs have large floppy lips for retrieving. The puppies for sale are energetic and need a reasonable amount of exercise to remain healthy. A great deal of stamina is enjoyed by the dog. If he has something to play with he can entertain himself for hours. It is very important for the owner to become the Alpha for this wonderful dog. The earlier training is started the better it is for the puppies for sale and the owner. Socialization skills need to be taught to the dog as the dog can be fearful of strangers and might snap at them. The Murray puppies for sale do not need as much maintenance as one might think. The dog will shed for the summer and experience their short coat. The best form of grooming is to let the dog swim. Most of the loose hair will be removed by the water. A good brushing would accomplish the same thing but would take longer. The dogs might need a little clipping but mostly only a trim. Health problems are pretty general. The puppies for sale are in line for hip and elbow dysplasia in older dogs. You can expect the dog to bond with the family right away, but the need to establish the Alpha position must be accomplished quickly. These puppies for sale will be energetic and active, a good retriever and a great companion.



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