Old English Bulldog

Old English Bulldog puppies for sale

The Old English Bulldog puppies for sale is no exact science as far as the breed’s origin is concerned. In fact it is a bit abstract, and somewhat conceptual. The Old English Bulldog puppies for sale will prove the theory of “man’s best friend”. The Old English Bulldog takes the best of the past and present to bring credence to this old saying. The Original Old English Bulldog puppies for sale originated around the seventeenth and eighteenth century. The Old English Bulldog of this era was a healthier breed and a bit stronger in stature than the English and American Bulldogs of modern times. In 1971, after studying the original breed, David Leavitt decided to bring the Old English Bulldog back. He, as well as others, felt the modern bulldog had become a feeble breed. They sought to bring back the balance and health of the original breed, coupled with the temperament of the modern Bulldog. Most of these enthusiasts used the basic recipe of Bullmastiff, American Pit Bull Terrier, English and American Bulldog to produce the modern Old English Bulldog. The main objective of all these breeders was to produce a healthier dog that wasn’t so extreme in its caricature. The Old English Bulldog puppies for sale are representatives of this new movement. The Old English Bulldog breeder’s efforts were a success. The Old English Bulldog puppies for sale are a very loving and affectionate family member. They are eager to please and intelligence, this makes for a quite trainable breed. The Old English Bulldog is still bulldog and left to its own they can become very domineering. It is essential that early training and socialization is carried out in a firm and consistent manner. This establishes boundaries and produces a healthy and productive relationship between owner and the puppies for sale. The Old English Bulldog puppies for sale are all the things that make the American and English Bulldogs lovable, just healthier. The Old English Bulldog puppies for sale are definitely a healthier breed. They are able to breathe a lot better. Natural reproduction is possible in this breed. Artificial insemination is unnecessary for breeding, neither are C-sections. The Old English Bulldog’s return to a less exaggerated and a more balanced body, that isn’t so top heavy makes fertility a natural act again. Hip dysplasia isn’t an issue in the Old English Bulldog. The Old English Bulldogs puppies for sale are still slobbers and droolers, but that is a part of their charm. The Old English Bulldog puppies for sale will grow to be on fifteen to twenty inches tall, and weigh between fifty and ninety pounds. Some Old English Bulldogs may grow even larger. They are well balanced and muscular dogs. The Old English Bulldog has an athletic build with flexibility and giving mention to its agile ancestors of old. The Old English Bulldog has a short moderately thick coat that can be found in fawn, red, black orange, brindle or white. The colors can be pied or solid. Grooming is almost nonexistent. Exercise requires a simple daily walk. The Old English Bulldog puppies for sale require very little, as opposed to their American and English Bulldog counterparts. The Old English Bulldog needs only a loving attentive family and it will pay handsomely in love and devotion.


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