Old English Terrier

Old English Terrier puppies for sale

The Old English Terrier puppies for sale have shared their name with many breeds, such as; the Petterdale Terrier, and the Black and Tan Terrier. However, there is only one breed entitled to the name of Old English Terrier and they are recognized by the National Terriers Club, LLC. The Old English Terrier puppies for sale have a jumbled history. Henry Compton in his book 'The Twentieth Century Dog (1904)' in trying to describe the breed wrote: There were in different parts of the island yellow terriers, and red terriers, and black terriers,and black and tan terriers, and brindle terriers, and greyish terriers; there were large terriers, weighing from 30 pounds to 40 lbs., and one mentioned as weighing 50 lbs., and there were small terriers for whom an "under 9 lbs." class was provided; there were terriers with smooth coats, and wire coats, and curly coats; there were, in short, terrier types enough to create a collection. The Old English puppies or sale are a sporting and working terrier that is an athletic breed. They are very active both physically and mentally. Their owners must see that they have a lot of exercise and the puppies for sale are mentally challenged to avoid boredom and development of destructive behavior. The puppies for sale have a high prey drive and will pursue small animals unless kept in check. Squirrels and birds will not be welcomed in your backyard within the reach of these puppies for sale. The Old English Terrier puppies for sale are very people oriented and love time, especially playtime with their family. Weighing between 14 to 35 pounds and standing between 12 to 18 inches these puppies for sale will grow to be great playmates for active children. They are great companion pets for all ages. The Old English Terrier puppies for sale had a standard set by the 18th century and had developed into two types; the rough coated terrier and the smooth coated terrier. The smooth coated terrier requires little grooming, an occasional brushing to remove loose hair and a bath only when a doggy odor exists. The rough coated terrier requires keeping the hair trimmed from around the eyes, an occasional brushing and a once a year stripping by a professional groomer. The accepted colors for the puppies for sale are Black, or Black with white markings. The Old English Terrier puppies for sale are great companions and wonderful playmates, these puppies for sale are affectionate, loving and intelligent. They would like nothing better than to be part of your family.



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