Quiet, confident, courageous, steadfast, sensible and serious, these are just a few adjectives to describe this wonderful breed. The Rottweiler is a gentle giant and a fierce protector all rolled into one.



The Rottweiler is one of the oldest herding breeds in the world. They can be traced back to the old Roman Empire. Since they were very popular dogs at that time, they eventually found their way across Europe and eventually ending up in Germany. This is where the Rottweiler was effectively bred to the exact standards you see today.



The Rottweiler is a big and muscular dog, even when they’re puppies they already sport big bones and muscles. Everything about this dog denotes strength. It has a well balanced proportion all throughout its body. The head of the Rottweiler is big and rests atop a muscular neck. The muzzle of the dog is well proportioned and does not appear too long or too short for his head. 



Rottweilers are deemed aloof because of their quiet demeanor. They can become aggressive towards other Rottweilers of the same sex but seem to have no issues with other pets regardless of species. Rottweiler puppies are very smart and have the tendency to be dominant dogs. Care should be given to properly socialize these puppies to ensure that they are at their best behaviour at all times. They are easy to train and they love to please their owners.

Properly socialized Rottweilers are excellent family members and they are very protective of their pack.


Health and Care

Rottweilers, for all their strength are prone to hip dysplasia. They are also known to have weak bones if they have an incorrect diet.

Rottweilers possess a lot of strength and energy which means they need to have regular exercise to reduce the risk of them destroying your house.

Rottweilers also shed a lot so you may need to groom them constantly to reduce excessive shedding inside your home. 

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The Rottweiler puppies for sale are cute cuddly little play bundles but they are Rottweilers. That is not to say they will be a dangerous dog that many would have you believe. It is to say they will become a large powerful dog that was bred to guard. The Rottweiler is an ancient breed that has been used as a working dog that protects The Rottweiler puppies for sale are believed to be descendants of the Italian Mastiffs that the invading Roman armies brought to Europe. These dogs were brought as guardians and herding dogs of the livestock the Romans brought. The puppies for sale took on many roles in Germany of the middle ages. They were herders, guardians and messengers just to name a few of their jobs. The Rottweiler gets its name from the little town in Germany known as Rottweiler. The puppies for sale got their official start in this little town. In the nineteenth century the Rottweiler was almost completely extinct. A few devoted breeders brought the numbers back by the twentieth century. These puppies for sale have flourished in vitality and popularity since then. The Rottweiler puppies for sale are living testament to all of these facts. The Rottweilers history and breeding has produced an imposing figure of a dog. It is usually anywhere for twenty-two to twenty-seven inches in height. They can weigh up to one hundred and thirty pounds or better. They have a huge head that manufactures a tremendous bite; over three hundred pounds per square inch. The muscular build is impressive. The Rottweilers protective nature coupled with its statue and bite demands training. Training is not an option. It is a must. Firm, consistent, thorough training and socialization is imperative. If this isnt something you can honestly commit to, then this is not the dog for you. The Rottweiler puppies for sale deserve the chance to show how wonderful of a dog they are; without dedicated training, they cant The Rottweiler puppies for sale will be a never ending joy if trained and socialized properly. These dogs are utterly loyal. They will protect their people and herds up until their last breath. These puppies for sale have no half protection mode, it is all or nothing. That is another reason the training must be thorough. The Rottweiler is very obedient. The Rottweiler puppies for sale with a competent owner and training will never be a loose cannon. The breed is affectionate and playful but remains ever alert. The Rottweiler puppies for sale are cute babies and will grow into a handsome dog. The Rottweiler trademarks are black lips and coat, brown markings around its chest, eyes and paws, and its muscular physique. These are the breeds calling card. No doubt that is a Rottweiler. The Rottweiler is easy to groom, a weekly brushing and combing should suffice. The breed suffers from hip dysplasia and weak bones. Your vet will be a great help in dealing with these problems if they become an issue. There is no doubt that these puppies for sale can be a commitment. There have been incidents where the Rottweiler has gotten some bad press. These dogs are rarely shown as the loving, devoted family members they are. They are seldom portrayed as the intelligent and obedient companion. Then again, how many airplane landings without incident of any kind are reported on the evening news? The Rottweiler puppies for sale can be your good news story for many years if you make the commitment.


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