Sage Koochee

Sage Koochee puppies for sale

When looking for Sage Koocheedog puppies for sale, you will find this is a rare breed. This breed is known as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Sagi Kuchi, and De Kochyano Spai (translated into “dog of the nomads”). Alternate spellings of “Kooche” may include “Coochi” and “Kuchi”. The Sage Koochee breed originated in Afghanistan and named for the Kuchi people, native nomads of Afghanistan. The Sage Koochee is found in central and northern Afghanistan and the surrounding regions in Central Asia. This breed is highly trusted by the nomads to protect their caravans and flocks of sheep, goats, camels, and other livestock from predators, thieves, and intruders. The Kuchi people live off the land and the Sage Koochee plays a vital part in their survival. The Sage Koochee is a large, muscular breed that is known for their stamina, courage, perseverance, tenacity, speed, agility, and their ability to tolerate both extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures. The Sage Koochee is one of the few existing primitive breeds that have remained unchanged. This is one of the few remaining true breeds in the world. This breed is valued more for their working ability than their appearance. The Sage Koochee can have a wedge-shaped or brick-shaped head. The ears are traditionally cropped almost to the base; the tail is traditionally docked to about 1/3 of their natural length. The Sage Koochee averages between 27 and 35 inches in height and weigh between 84 and 176 pounds. This is a healthy and hardy breed that does not suffer from health problems that are common with other large breeds because of their rich gene pool. The most distinct feature of the Sage Koochee breed is the dark spots that cover the body, the inside of the mouth, and the bridge of the nose. The Sage Koochee varies in coat type from region to region and classified into three types – the mountain type, the desert type, and the steppe type. The mountain type Sage Koochee is usually found living in the mountainous Pamir range of Afghanistan. This type of Sage Koochee is large boned and has a heavy coat. The desert type Sage Koochee is of medium build and has a short to medium length coat. The steppe type Sage Koochee has a lighter build and a medium length coat. This type of Sage Koochee is faster and more agile than the mountain type. e medium to long hair. When you see Sage Koochee dog puppies for sale and make the decision to make a Sage Koocheea member of your family, you will find this breed to be loving, devoted, and courageous. This breed is very attached to their family and considers them a member of their pack. The Sage Koochee is leery of strangers and is an excellent watchdog and guard dog. The Sage Koochee is known to very affectionate and gentle with children. When you are looking for Sage Koochee dog puppies for sale, you will discover that finding Sage Koochee dog puppies for sale a difficult task. This truly a rare breed and will be difficult to find. If you do find a Sage Koochee dog breeder, be prepared to be put on a waiting list or pay a high price.



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