Tahltan Bear Dog

Tahltan Bear Dog puppies for sale

When looking for Tahltan Bear Dog puppies for sale, this breed may be referred to as the Chien d'ours de Tahltan or the Tahltan. You may occasionally see a posting for Tahltan Bear Dog puppies for sale, however, buyers should beware that this breed of dog is extremely rare and by many believed to be extinct. So it is highly unlikely that you will be purchasing a true Tahltan Bear Dog. The Tahltan Bear Dog was bred by the Tahltan Canadian Indians and highly prized by their owners. These dogs were bred for the purpose of tracking large game. The Tahltan Bear Dog was very well known during the 1930 and recognized by the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) in late 1930’s or early 1940’s. As mentioned above, it is believed that this breed is now extinct. Though the breed is still recognized by the CKC it has been over 20 years since dogs of this breed have been registered. The Tahltan Bear Dog was a small dog with a large amount of courage to hunt and face large game. This breed averaged about 15 inches in height and weighed approximately 15 pounds – basically about the size of a fox. The coat of the Tahltan Bear Dog is short and dense in texture with a very short, bushy tail said to resemble a broom. The coat was either black or blue in color with small white markings. It is believed the Tahltan Bear Dog breed became extinct as a result of no immunity from diseases carried by the domestic dogs that were brought into the area. The Tahltan Bear Dog never survived when it was taken from its native habitat and was exposed to domestic dogs which support this theory. Another theory indicates this breed was unable to acclimate to the warmer climates outside of their homeland. Whatever the reason for the decline of the Tahltan Bear Dog by the mid-1970s, this breed had almost disappeared in Canada. Currently there are still mixed breed dogs in the area that show many characteristic of the Tahltan Bear Dog and it is believed many present-day hunting dogs puppies for sale in Canada are descended from this breed. Tahltan Bear Dog was a breed of dogs puppies for sale that was indigenous to Canada and primarily found in the remote mountain regions of northwestern British Columbia and the Southern Yukon. The Tahltan Bear Dog flourished in the cold, harsh environment. In addition to hunting bear, these dogs were also used to hunt lynx, elk, and beaver. The Tahltan Canadian Indian hunters carried the small dogs in their packs to conserve their strength prior to the hunt. Since these dogs are small in stature and light in weight they could run onto of the crusted snow and worked in pairs to track down large game that they would hold at bay until the hunters arrived. In addition to their courage, their athletic ability, their agility, and hunting ability the Tahltan Bear Dogs puppies for sale were also a great companion animal. These dogs hunted with their owners during the day and slept in their owner’s tents and guarded them at night.



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